List of Funded Projects

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Incubating Emerging Technologies for the Cultural Sector - $205,000 Grant

This project will:

  • Allow the museum to remodel their library to reconfigure it as a vibrant public center for art and technology, supporting artist experiments with emerging technology
  • Launch an advisory board and the first year projects focusing on data visualization and social robotics, including representatives from Google, Spacex, Accenture, Daqri, Nvidia and independents
  • Generate momentum to produce ongoing revenue 13.17 – Incubating Emerging Technologies for the Cultural Sector Art and Technology Lab Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Department of Human Resources

Executive Leadership Development Program - $500,000 Grant

This project will:

  • Develop a pilot program to assess and enhance the leadership competencies of the County's current and emerging leaders
  • Build on highly valued leadership training programs delivered by Los Angeles County Learning Academy for nearly a decade
  • Launch the new Leadership Development Institute, based on a collaborative effort between County leaders, university and professional faculty

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Voting Systems Assessment Project - $50,000 Grant

This project will:

  • Lead to the development of a customized voting system for Los Angeles County
  • Enhance services to voters by providing a voting system more responsive to their needs
  • Increase voter confidence in the voting system
  • Potential increased in revenue if more local districts decide to consolidate elections
  • Possible cost avoidance by reducing potential for lawsuits due to an inaccessible or noncompliant voting system

DHS - Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center

Rancho Transport Network - $58,256 Grant

This project will:

  • Centralize the patient transfer process
  • Enhance patient services and create significant cost savings
  • Provide up-to-date transfer equipment and mobile communication devices to streamline patient transfers and minimize risk of injury to staff and patients