Strategic Learning Report

Strategic Learning Report

The Strategic Learning Report looks at futurist predictions to identify game changing events that could alter the way the County does business. The idea is to identify potential changes early enough so the business of the County can evolve without major disruptions.

The SFWG uses information gathered throughout the year to bring futurist ideas through conferences or workshops. The goal is to keep County departments apprised of changes or innovative ideas that may assist them with challenges in their respective departments.

Opportunities to bring educational tools to assist Productivity Managers in their administrative roles are also looked into.

Chair: Commissioner Edward McIntyre (2024 Report Lead) 

Shawn Landres (2023 Report Lead), Teresa Dreyfuss, Nancy Harris, Huasha Liu and William B. Parent

Managers: Lana Ghil (Human Resources) and Leslie Negritto (Natural History Museum)

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