Commission Officers

Commissioner Officers

The Commissioner Officers are responsible for the internal governance of the QPC. The Committee executes the strategic direction of the Commission, evaluates progress of committees and recommends committee assignments. The Committee is also responsible for taking actions that need decisions between Commission meetings later to be confirmed by the full Commission.

  • Respond to Board directives and concerns, such as building coalitions or collaborating with other governmental agencies in the areas of quality and productivity.
  • Provide liaison with other organizations such as the Citizens Economy and the Efficiency Commission and others as the opportunity may arise.
  • Prepare agendas for QPC meetings.
  • Allocate issues to appropriate committees and task forces for consideration.
  • Handle operational issues such as personnel, office arrangements, etc.
  • Assign a representative to occasionally attend meetings of the Productivity Managers’ Network in order to support the Network’s programs.

Chair: Commissioner Nichelle Henderson

Members: Commissioners E. Scott Palmer (1st Vice Chair), Teresa Dreyfuss (2nd Vice Chair), Jacki Bacharach (Immediate Past Chair), Rodney Gibson (Chair Emeritus) Shawn Landres (Chair Emeritus) and Edward McIntyre (Chair Emeritus) 

Productivity Manager: Arman Depanian (Children and Family Services) and Heidi Oliva (Fire) (Alternate)

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