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The Commission is made up of citizens with diverse backgrounds and expertise (e.g., government, academia, public sector, nonprofit, legal, labor, financial, etc.). The backgrounds, active participation, and contributions of Commissioners help promote and encourage innovation, productivity, quality of services, and efficiencies, and shape major milestones of Los Angeles County government. The Commission consists of 17 members.

First District


Teresa Dreyfuss

Jeffrey Penichet - Headshot 2019.jpg

Jeffrey J. Penichet

Second District

Marsha Mitchell - Headshot.jpg

Marsha D. Mitchell

Nancy Harris - Headshot 2019_New.jpg

Nancy G. Harris

Third District

2017 Head Shot Photo.jpg

J. Shawn Landres

William B. Parent.jpg

William B. Parent

Fourth District

Jacki Bacharach - Headshot 2019.jpg

Jacki Bacharach


Fifth District

Viggo Butler - Headshot 2019.jpg

Viggo Butler


E. Scott Palmer


Nichelle - Headshot 2019a.jpg

Nichelle M. Henderson


Derek Hsieh

Chief Executive Officer and Quality and Productivity Commission

Rodney Gibson - Headshot 2019.jpg

Rodney Gibson

Huasha Liu - Headshot 2019.jpg

Huasha Liu

Edward McIntyre - Headshot 2019.jpg

Edward McIntyre

Dion Rambo - Headshot -webpage.jpg

Dion Rambo

Will Wright_Headshot 2019 - V2.jpg

Will Wright

Our Staff

Jackie Guevarra - Headshot 2019.jpg

Jackie T. Guevarra

Executive Director

(213) 974-1361

Laura Perez - Headshot 2019.jpg

Laura Perez

Program Manager

(213) 974-1390

Tammy Johnson - Headshot 2019.jpg

Tammy Johnson

Program Support

(213) 893-0322


Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration


(213) 974-1361