Chief Executive Office

Chief Executive Office, Office of Emergency Management - Emergency Response Tracking (ERT) Dashboard

The Chief Executive Office, Office of Emergency Management collaborated with the Auditor-Controller, Human Resources, and Internal Services Department to develop a broad solution that improves the County's comprehensive Emergency Response Tracking (ERT) program.

The ERT is a countywide data analytics (dashboard) that monitors COVID-19 financial, payroll and human resources costs from various data sources, including the digitalization of over 35,000 employee timesheets and over 18,000 wage statements for 33 County departments generated every pay period. Detailed files consisting of over 400,000 transactions are produced every pay period and provided to departments to verify costs are being captured and reported accurately.

These files significantly reduce the time spent managing and reconciling department costs for recovery purposes. The dashboard provides the capability to assess the financial impact of the emergency through charts, graphs, and reports. Since March 2020, the dashboard has reported over $450 million in COVID-19 related costs, of which $313.9 million were attributed to labor. To date 32,245 employees from almost every department have logged over 4.5 million labor hours to COVID-19 work activities.