Productivity and Quality Awards Program (PQA)

Due to the current public health crisis and economic uncertainties these last few months, 

the 34th Annual Quality and Productivity Luncheon scheduled for October 2021- TBD

Thank you and be safe!  We look forward to the day when we can see you again.  😊

Since 1987, this program has honored more than 2,000 individual departmental productivity and quality improvement efforts deserving recognition by the Board of Supervisors, Chief Executive Office, Quality and Productivity Commission, and the public.

The process begins with the Productivity Managers’ Network (PMN) evaluating the entries. Commissioners from the Quality and Productivity Commission and Managers from the PMN make site visits to departments that have ranked highest. At a public ceremony, the Board of Supervisors gives special recognition to the Top Ten entries and the Grand Award Winners. At a gala event held proximate to the Board presentations, the Quality and Productivity Commission honors all participants with Awards.



Dates to Remember  
June 25, 2021 PQA Entries Due, 565 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration - TBA
August 4, 2021 PQA Evaluation  - TBA
September 2, 2021 PQA Top Ten Site Visits - TBA
September 9 - 23, 2021 PQA Video Shoots - TBA
October 20, 2021 PQA Awards Luncheon Grand Hall, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Music Center - TBA
October 26, 2021 PQA Board Presentation, 381-B Hahn Hall of Administration - TBA
PQA Committee

Chair: Commissioner Nichelle Henderson

Members: Commissioners Evelyn Gutierrez (Vice Chair), Maxwell Billion, Teresa Dreyfuss, Huasha Liu, Edward McIntyre, Blaine Meek and Jeffrey J. Penichet

Productivity Manager: Keisha Belmaster (Health Services - Harbor UCLA) and Inna Sarac (Medical-Examiner Coroner)

Previous Awards

33rd Annual Productivity and Quality Awards

32nd Annual Productivity and Quality Awards

31st Annual Productivity and Quality Awards