About Quality and Productivity Commission

The Quality and Productivity Office provides central support and coordination through the Executive Office of the Board of Supervisors for the many activities of the Commission.  Victoria Pipkin-Lane, Executive Director and Laura Perez, Program Manager carry out day-to-day operations, coordinate activities, and respond to the requirements and direction of the Commission. They also work with the Countywide Productivity Managers’ Network in carrying out their responsibilities.

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Shared Practices Report

The Shared Practices Report highlights practices used by departments to solve problems, create cost benefits, and provide quality services.

The creative ideas and practices used by one department can serve as a guide for others.
2017 Shared Practices Report

Annual Productivity and Quality Awards Program

The Board of Supervisors, Chief Executive Office, and Quality and Productivity Commission annually honor the hard work and dedication of County employees at the Productivity and Quality Awards luncheon.

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Annual Leadership Conference

The purpose of the Conference is to share critical information about the State of the County, to learn about Countywide initiatives, provide advice, innovative ideas, assistance, and support to the County’s elected officials, managers, and employees to promote the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of County public services.

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