Productivity Investment Fund


  • Background
  • Proposal Requirements
  • Loans and Grants
  • 2022 Proposal Due Dates

Established by the Board of Supervisors in 1984 as a function of the Quality and Productivity Commission, the PIF is used by departments for:

  • Creative strategies for the enhancement of service delivery
  • Improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • Cost savings and revenue generation opportunities

The program consists of loans, grants, and loan/grant combinations which, from the Fund's inception through the fiscal year 2015-16, have totaled $87 million. Uses can include seed money to identify or attract matching grants from outside sources, or to fund pilot projects with the potential for wider impacts.

Projects should be geared toward improving the department's quality and/or productivity effort. Projects, however, need not show cost savings or revenue generation, but may demonstratively increase a department's quality of service to the public.

Download the document Productivity Investment Fund History 1984-2005: Investing in the Future to read the history.

In preparing a proposal, departments should refer to the PIF Guidelines which set forth the appropriate policies and procedures. Proposals are solicited quarterly and each departments Quality and Productivity Manager is notified of deadlines for submission. Once proposals are received, department representatives are invited to present their projects at a meeting of the Quality and Productivity Managers' PIF Subcommittee which in turn provides funding recommendations to the Quality and Productivity Commission's Investment Board. The Board's decision needs to be subsequently ratified by the Commission.

Loans are provided at an interest rate which is the County's pool rate, plus 50 basis points. Loans are generally repaid in three years, unless otherwise agreed. Grants usually do not exceed $250,000, although projects promising outstanding innovation or service enhancement can receive additional funding.

The due dates for 2022 are:

  January 7, 2022

  April 1, 2022

  July 1, 2022

  October 7, 2022

Departments considering proposals are encouraged to contact Laura Perez, Commission Staff, at (213) 974-1390 or lperez@bos.lacounty.gov to ensure the proposal is consistent with PIF funding criteria and is composed for the greatest potential of success.

Materials Needed to Submit a PIF


PIF Proposal Form

PIF Proposal Form

Download the PIF Form

Forms, Quick Guide and Checklist




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