Productivity Investment Board

The Productivity Investment Fund was established in 1984 with seed money from the Board of Supervisors and the Chief Executive Office.

The Productivity Investment Fund is managed by the Productivity Investment Board. The fund provides resources for departmental projects that will improve productivity, quality, efficiency, or generate revenue. It is intended to underwrite creative programs that cannot be financed through the routine departmental budget process. Funding may be awarded as loans, grants, loan/grant combinations, or joint ventures with the Commission. Loans and joint ventures are repaid to the fund, usually over three years, with a moderate interest charge. The repaid funds are generated from the cost savings, cost avoidance, or increased revenue resulting from the project’s implementation.

Rodney C. Gibson

Chair: Commissioner Rodney C. Gibson
Members: Commissioners Shawn Landres (Vice-Chair), Viggo Butler, Nancy Harris, Edward McIntyre, Will Wright, and Charles Bakaly, Jr. (Alternate)

PIB Advisory Committee
Chair: Susan Linschoten
Members: Stephanie Maxberry (Community and Senior Services), Hsiao-Ching Chen (Regional Planning), Greg Melendez (Chief Information Office), Kimberly Jo (Chief Information Office), Celina Ortiz (Internal Services), Diane Quarker (Internal Services), Erlinda Castro (Chief Executive Office), and Stanley Yen (Human Resources).