Department Visit

Under the Commission’s Strategic Plan, the Commission is scheduled to visit all relevant County departments and meet with the Department Head, within a two-year cycle. This Committee coordinates Commissioner visits to departments.

The intent is to understand departmental operations and priorities, and to assist the department toward realizing enhanced productivity and quality services. All Commissioners should be familiar with the following in anticipation of program participation.
  • Knowledge of the department's mission, organization, and services, as well as the challenges faced by the department
  • Knowledge of the department's initiatives to address those challenges
  • Strategies to help improve quality and productivity

Huasha Liu

Chair: Commissioner Huasha Liu

Members: Commissioners Viggo Butler (Vice-Chair), Blaine Meek, E. Scott Palmer and Jeff Penichet

Productivity Managers: Connie Salgado-Sanchez (Health Services) and Kiara Brown (Museum of Natural History)

 Department Visit Charter

Department Visit by Year