Quality And Productivity Commission

1.What is the Commissions Goals and Mission?

Answer: The Commission provides advice, assistance and support to the County's elected officials, managers and employees to promote the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of County public services.  Commission members work closely with departments to create a permanent productivity culture in the County.

2. How many Commission meetings do I have to attend?

Answer: The Commission has eight (8) general meetings a year.  Commissioners who are members of the Productivity Investment Board have an additional four (4) meetings a year.  In addition, Commissioners also participate in one or two ad hoc Committees: Department Visits, Productivity and Quality Awards (PQA) luncheon, Leadership Conference, PQA site visits, or Productivity Managers’ Network meetings.  Commission Officers attend additional meetings to prepare the Commission’s agenda.

3. Is this a paid position?

Answer: Commissioners receive a $50 stipend for each of the Commission’s eight meetings (subject to the Brown Act) in addition to any ad hoc Committee meetings authorized by the Commission. ($2400 maximum a year).

4. How long can I serve on the Commission?

Answer: Commissioners serve three-year terms with a two-term limit. The two ex-officio union members serve indefinitely. Any appointed member of the Commission may be removed at any time, without cause, by the Board of Supervisors. The Board may also reappoint a Commissioner after their term limit expires, by waiving the limitation.

5. When are the Commission’s general meetings held?

Answer: The Commission meets on the fourth Monday of each month approximately every six to eight weeks. The meetings are held at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration (500 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles), unless otherwise specified. Meetings begin at 10 a.m. and last approximately two hours.

6. How many Commissioners make up the Quality and Productivity Commission?

Answer: There are 17 Commissioners. Each member of the Board of Supervisors appoints two members each, five members are jointly recommended by the Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of the Commission, and two are appointed by labor (County Federation of Labor ( AFL-CIO0 and the Coalition of Los Angeles County Unions).

7. What are the Commission’s major programs/events?

Answer: The Commission hosts an annual Leadership Conference (Spring), the Productivity and Quality Awards program (Fall), and biennial Department Visits with all County departments (January through July).

8. What is the Productivity Investment Fund and Productivity Investment Board?

Answer: The Commission manages the Productivity Investment Fund (PIF), which supports creative and innovative projects to improve the effectiveness of County service. Funding awards are available for a project or program that improves productivity and quality, but for which funds are not budgeted or available. The Productivity Investment Board reviews all proposals and makes a recommendation to the full Commission for funding consideration. Click here for additional information.

Productivity Managers' Network

1. What is the Productivity Managers` Network (PMN or Network)?

Answer: The Network serves as a liaison between the Commission and County departments. It is comprised of employee representatives from each department or related agency, who have been designated as Productivity Managers and Alternates by their Department Head. Members may also serve voluntarily on Network and Commission ad hoc Committees.

2. What is the role of a Productivity Manager?

Answer: The role of the Productivity Manager is a multifaceted one, encompassing leadership, training skills and supervisory capabilities. The Productivity Manager has the opportunity of being the eyes and ears of his/her department in a vital area of County government. Productivity Managers play a pivotal role in coordinating the preparation and submission of their Departments' proposals for Productivity Investment Fund grants and loans, the annual Productivity and Quality Award (PQA) awards entries, and Department Visits with the Commission. Moreover, the Productivity Manager is his/her department's contact with other departmental Productivity Managers and serves as a vital informational link between their respective department and the Quality and Productivity Commission.

3. How many meetings does a Productivity Manager attend?

Answer: There are four (4) general meetings and trainings a year. Productivity Managers can also participate/join a Commission ad hoc Committee, the Productivity Investment Board Advisory Committee, PMN Executive Officers, Department Visits, Productivity and Quality Awards (PQA) luncheon, Leadership Conference, PQA site visits, and Agenda Preparation meetings (the Chair of the Network participates in this meeting).

4. Are there term limits for Productivity Managers?

Answer: There are no term limits. Productivity Managers serve at the discretion of the Department Head. The Department Head is the only person who can appoint and remove a Productivity Manager.

5. Do I get a bonus for serving as a Productivity Manager?

Answer: No. The additional duties and responsibilities of a Productivity Manager are in addition to regularly assigned workload. However, among the benefits of being a Productivity Manager is the opportunity to participate in training conferences and seminars. Productivity Managers are at the informational forefront of County quality and productivity programs, have an opportunity to expand their knowledge of County operations, and be a catalyst for change and innovation in their respective departments.